“What is a Word Worth($)?”

by Gregory Storey

Be FREE. A letter to my unborn seed

Living without boundaries that’s freedom, and being free. Be blissfully ignorant so that you can know no limitations. That’s being free. Living bound by others and their beliefs leaves one caged, and my child that isn’t free. Locked up, yep that’s what that is, and not locked up physically, like those in Jackson on the west coast of the state, or downtown across from Comerica, and Ford field where athletes run free and have caught their dreams, no, mentally locked up. Don’t be intentionally or inherently ignorant, because that’s just as worse. I guess you could say that, that’s free-dum, but just a lil bit ignorant, so that you’re able to take a risk, be a tad bit braver, or courageous to break the chains of bondage that keep one caged. They say the ignorant are the ones who are never afraid, because they know no fear, and are free. An Eagle, a Lion, a Dolphin in its natural habitat; grazing, playing, floating, flying; free. Not confined within a zoo behind glass with toddlers playing peek- a boo games. Be free and run barefoot on the beach or in the rain because it’s your world, and only you hold yourself back from picking the lock that releases you to be free. In confinement sometimes one can find themselves and be liberated. It’s nothing like liberation. It’s nothing like limitations.

Don’t forget to give salutations with libations to those brothers trapped: upstate, 6 ft. deep, or those turned to ashes. Keep this goal in mind in your life: Have no regrets, and if you can live with that attitude, trust me you’ll be free and you’ll no doubt achieve. A poem with no form, free. A basketball player at the charity stripe after being fouled, a free throw. It’s a sense but not one of the five, and not related to the sixth, which they say is your intuition or third eye ,hopefully you’re blessed with the seventh cause that’s a gift, to be able to see through people’s bullshyt, and not care what they think , or do what they do. Be human enough to just be you. Live free, and think free. Be the wind over the ocean. Live like lava liquidly loose; fluidly flowing while destroying and rebuilding. No ceilings, but don’t be Lil Wayne and only focused on cash money, because then you’re on a slave to money, anything that can get it, or anyone that has it, but never sell yourself short. Live like the poor, who don’t know what that means. Live to be you. Live to be … Free. Remember money can elevate your life, but it can’t give you the feeling of freedom, or being free, because sometimes it’s a burden. Look at all the famous, and rich people and the way that they live. Remember your ancestors, and never forget that they yearned for freedom, they died for freedom, they cried for freedom, and they lived for freedom, so that I’m writing this to you, and you can read it, because you weren’t always free to read. Fight for freedom, and be a revolutionary, but don’t forget that you have to a solutionary.


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