Frog Island Readings Presents…

Paige VanSice is wanderer and writer. She is what she wants to be when she grows up. She is inspired by feeling the smallness in mountains and the power from rivers. Paige holds a degree from Eastern Michigan University’s Creative Writing program, and attributes finding the purpose in her passion, to telling time by finding Truth. She will be reading from, Waiting on Rocks for Boats: a poetic memoir.

Click to Link to Video of Paige Reading Here

Jennifer K. Dick, originally from Iowa, has lived in France for the past 20+ years. She is the author of six chapbooks and three full-length poetry books, most recently Lilith: A Novel in Fragments (Corrupt Press, September 2019). Her fourth book That Which I Touch Has No Name is forthcoming from Eyewear Press, London in October 2020. It is written intermingling French, English and some Italian. Jennifer has a PhD in Comparative Lit from Université de Paris III, and is a translator, critic and events organizer involved in collaborative projects, including writing for and with dancer Olivier Gabrys. She teaches American Lit and Civ at the Université de Haute Alsace in Mulhouse, France and curates a monthly bilingual reading series for American and French authors called Ivy Writers Paris. She also co-directs the Ecrire l’Art residency for French authors with Director Sandrine Wymann at La Kunsthalle Mulhouse Centre d’Art Contemporain. In Sept 2019, they put out a large-format book collecting texts from the residency’s first 21 authors from the past 10 years, Dossier des ouvrages exécutés, available from les presses du reel in France.

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