“News” “Conference” or Play Your T. Card

*current writings on current things creatively articulated…

from Tolerance

Genial poets, pink-faced
earnest wits—
you have given the world
some choice morsels,
gobbets of language presented
as one presents T-bone steak
and Cherries Jubilee.
Goodbye, goodbye,
I don’t care
if I never taste your fine food again,
neutral fellows, seers of every side.
Tolerance, what crimes
are committed in your name.

Denise Levertov (1975)

*Have you been doing any creative writing, making videos or music or images or etc since the election + inauguration, or have any writing that deals somehow with our contemporary world, the trauma, the policies, the fear, the egregious, the hope, the possibilities, history/social/political the etc the etc? We are thinking about putting together a collection of writings (across creative genres). We would print/share it low-fi or have it real-published … in the  meantime, posting pieces here: https://frogislandpress.wordpress.com/. Do you have something you might want to share?

Send it if you have it, 3-4 pages max, word doc, copy into email, PDF, JPEG, web link, link to video…


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