by Gregory Storey


Emancipation proclamation

False free the slaves declaration

Say what you want, I just want my reparations.

They say “what about your free college education?”

Oh, the one I’m receiving cause of my participation in the illegal occupation of a country?

Anyways who has time for Sallie MAE?

Not me.

Well, on weekdays, maybe.

Social norms got us going crazy, the systems are killin the babies, and the

corporations turning everyone to Zombies.

I just wanna be a kid again, and go back to when my Ma was Mommy, and

every morning she fixed hominy Grits, scrambled eggs

and then

Send me outside to play.

Nowadays, we facebookin, youtubin, twitterin.

No longer get intimate.

We got internet.

They say:

Live fast, die young.

I’m thinking fast and growing old.

Telling all my young n’s , that in order to beat the system you need wisdom more than doe

Have goals, be focused and stay in the know.


“News” “Conference” or Play Your T. Card

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