Survival Strategy for Fascism with a Clown Face

by Jennifer Huxta


Learn to see the fang

in that big American smile, the fear

behind those eyes.


Do not be blinded by those extra-white teeth.


See the tiny lens

in that polka dot tie. Yes,

you are being watched.


Notice his collar spike when you don’t agree, though he presents a unified front.


The time has come, dear,

to sharpen up your Dead Eye.

Learn to recognize it from Agents of Power.


This may be your only act of resistance.


Let’s be clear.

Any act, no matter how small,

is critical now.


When other people look at you with hate, their hair


turning orange, they say,

What’s the problem? Don’t exaggerate.

Wait and see.


You must find your people and hold them, hard.


No, you’re not crazy.

Clowns are fucking scary,

scarier than shopping mall Santas.


You do Not have to sit on his knee.

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